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Agility Ticket Calc

This calculator shows you how many tgility tickets are required to reach a target level. You can also see how much exp an agility ticket is worth at any given level. Enter your current and target levels/experience below to find the amount of tickets needed, or simply enter your current level to find what a ticket is worth.

Note: This calculator attempts to optimize the trading of tickets for experience. It will use the largest amount of tickets in each trade so that additional experience is earned. For example, if you require 1,561 tickets, it will trade them in the following manner:

  • 1,000 tickets, 1 time
  • 100 tickets, 5 times
  • 25 tickets, 2 times
  • 10 tickets, 1 time
  • 1 ticket, 1 time
  • Adding up to the total of 1,561 tickets
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