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Since launching OldSchool.tools, we've quickly grown to become one of the top Old School RuneScape sites on the internet. Thanks to this amazing support, we've decided to expand the site and offer many more tools, guides, and databases!

As part of this expansion, we're looking for knowledgeable OSRS players to help out with the site. Your contributions will help many of your fellow players - and you'll receive full credit for your contributions.

Interested in helping out? Here's a few ways you can do so at the moment:

Writing/Maintaining Guides

We're currently in the process of adding guides of all varieties to the website. Interested in writing or maintaining guides? We'd love some help - it's a big task!

Already Wrote A Guide?

Many of you have already written guides for other purposes. We'd be honored to publish those guides on our website, offering full credit to you as the author. We accept guides in any format, such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs documents. We'd be happy to convert it into a page on our website or give you access to our admin panel to handle it yourself.


You can find more information on donating to OldSchool.tools on the donation page.

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