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Upcoming Features

We're still hard at work trying to bring you the best tools and utilities for OldSchool RuneScape. You can find a list of the improvements and new features we have planned or in the works below. Not seeing something you'd really like the site to offer? Let us know and we can discuss getting it made. Thanks for your support!

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Feature Improvements

  • Max Hit Calculators - These tools are having their interfaces refined and getting new features, including full breakdowns of of how your max hit is calculated and better explainations of various factors in your calculations.
  • DPS Calculator - Our DPS calculator is still in progress - and we'll be adding a lot of features over the coming months.
    • Additional items and set effects.
    • To see more planned features, see the DPS Calculator page.
    • v1.0 with major updates coming by June or July. We'll be revamping a large amount of the interface and functionality.
  • Alchemy Calculator
    • Improved interface.
    • Paged results.
    • Additional items.
    • GE buying limits.
  • Shareable Links - We'll be adding the ability to create shareable links so you can send a link to your friends and have the calculator already populated with everything you've entered. This also will let you bookmark your setups for later use.

New Features

  • Tons of new tools & calculators!
    • Best In Slot - A tool that lets you determine what the best equipment is for your character based on stats, quests, etc.
    • We've got a big launch coming at the end of November or in December, just before we head into 2024. This will include at least half a dozen new tools/calculators and even more! We're branching out into very specialized tools to help you with specific tasks!
  • Guides & Articles - We're expanding into long form content to help compliment our tools. Look forward to a redesigned home page and a collection of new articles coming before the end of 2024.
  • Mobile App - I've already got a working version installed on my phone. Although development will take time, our most popular tools will be coming to Apple and Android devices!
  • Item Database - We'll be releasing a database of all the popular items with pricing information and all you need to know about each item.
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