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Upcoming Features

We're still hard at work trying to bring you the best tools and utilities for OldSchool RuneScape. You can find a list of the improvements and new features we have planned or in the works below. Not seeing something you'd really like the site to offer? Let us know and we can discuss getting it made. Thanks for your support!

Want to help shape the future of OldSchool.tools? We're always looking for people to contribute to the website.

Feature Improvements

  • Skill Calculators
    • Skill calculators are being continually updated to have more items, prices, etc. If something is missing that you'd like to see, please reach out and we'll get it added.

New Features

  • Timers - We'll be adding a series of timers to help you play efficiently.
  • Guides
    • Quest Guides.
    • Miscellaneous Guides of all types. Want to contribute to writing/maintaining guides? Find more information on our contributing page.
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