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Pest Control Calculator

Welcome to our Pest Control Calculator! Below, you can enter your current skill experience along with your target level/experience for each skill. This calculator will automatically update to tell you how many commendation points are required to meet that goal.

  • The minimum skill level before you can use commendation points is 25.
  • We cannot account for any experience gained from playing the game while earning points.
  • This calculator takes the most efficient approach from your starting experience to your target. For example, if you needed 112 points to reach your target level, the calculator assumes those points are traded in as a set of 100, a set of 10, and then 2 individual points. It also takes into account the changing experience value of a commendation point as points are traded in and levels are gained.
    These computations can be very expensive - if you notice a delay in the calculator updating, please be patient.
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