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Stat Restore Pot Share

Stat Restore Pot Share is a Lunar spell that allows the caster to share certain potions with other players. When cast on any non-barbaric stat-restoring potion, it will administer 1 dose of that potion to each player within a 3x3 square area of the caster. This spell works on up to 4 players given a 4 dose potion. Any targets of this spell must have Accept Aid turned on. An important note about this spell is that the effects are also applied to the caster without consuming an additional dose. For example, a 1 dose potion can be applied to both the caster and an additional person.

A Magic level of 81 is required to cast this spell, giving 84 experience. It requires 2 Astral runes, 10 Earth runes, and 10 Water runes to cast.

Stat Restore Pot Share
Level: 81
Members?: Yes
Experience: 84.00
Spellbook: Lunar
Type: Combat
2 10 10

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