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New Combat Skills Calculator!

Published: Oct 02, 2018

After popular request, we've just launched a brand new Combat Training Skill Calculator! This calculator lets you enter your current skill levels, and determine how many monsters must be killed to reach your target level. It works for all the combat skills, including Ranged, Magic, Attack, Strength, Defence, and Hitpoints.

I've added some popular monsters to start with but would love for requests to be sent to us using the contact page. In the meantime, this skill calculator offers a brand new feature - custom monsters! If you don't see the monster you'd like to train against, then you can add your own custom monster to the calculator. This lets you add any monster you want as long as you know how many hitpoints they have.

As always - feedback is what makes this website possible. Please reach out with any suggestions, comments, complaints, or feedback of any other type. The owner of the website handles all requests personally, so please take time to reach out.


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