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New logo launched + new website and app soon!
Published: Nov 14, 2018

We've just launched our brand new logo! Next we'll be looking at major improvements to the website!

New Equipment Compare Tool!
Published: Nov 06, 2018

We've got a brand new tool letting you compare 2 items or 2 entire sets of items!

New Splashing Calculator!
Published: Oct 17, 2018

We've just launched a splashing calculator for finding the time and cost to level magic via splashing!

New Combat Skills Calculator!
Published: Oct 02, 2018

We now have a skill calculator for training combat skills on monsters!

Rewritten Magic Max Hit Calc
Published: Sep 12, 2018

We've rewritten the Magic Max Hit calculator to work better with the current Magic equipment options!

New Farming Calculator
Published: Sep 07, 2018

We've just released a farming skill calculator!

New Website Platform
Published: Aug 14, 2018

We've just relaunched the website on a new platform! Big updates are coming soon!

New Server & Faster Website!
Published: Jan 18, 2018

We've moved to our own server and things should be running a lot faster now.

Tanning & Sawmill Profit Calculator
Published: Oct 17, 2017

We've just added two new calculators to help you calculate the profit for tanning hides and making planks!

New Pest Control Calculator
Published: Jun 16, 2017

We've just released a new Pest Control calculator! is an Old School RuneScape tools & calculators site.
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