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Rewritten Magic Max Hit Calc

Published: Sep 12, 2018

Moments ago we launched a rewritten Magic Max Hit calculator! This new version of our classic tool better reflects the state of Magic in Old School RuneScape. When it was originally written, there were almost no items which boosted the damage of Magic spells. Since then, almost every equipment slot has gained one or more items which can be used to boost your max hit.

The previous calculator was starting to have a ton of checkboxes and it was getting hard to manage. The calculator now lets you select your equipment and calculate your max hit based off of that - just like our other max hit calculators. We think this will be a big improvement, but as always, feedback is 100% welcomed and encouraged! Please reach out with any thoughts, concerns, issues or suggestions related to the new calculator and we'll address them promptly!

Thanks so much for the support - as always!

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