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New Discord Server + Updates

Published: Mar 18, 2019

It's been a while since our last update, so I wanted to take a minute and share what's going on lately around here. Several big projects are in the works currently.

I'm nearly finished with a new system for tracking item prices in the game. This will allow the prices to be updated significantly faster when they become available from the official OSRS website. This also opens to door to having multiple sources for item prices, such as the OSBuddy Grand Exchange data. The only thing holding us back currently is a bug I've found in the official Grand Exchange API provided by Jagex. I've reached out and am currently waiting on a response but in the meantime will be preparing a workaround.

I've also written several additional calculators which will be released once the price-tracking system is live. The mobile app is still in the works but it will be some time before that's ready for release. For now, the redesign of the website is going to be on hold until I manage to get some of these other items ironed out.

All skill calculators have officially been rewritten using new technology. The functionality should be the same but it allows significantly faster updates and gives me an opportunity to start releasing common requests such as sorting and much more. I have been receiving a number of bug reports saying that the new calculators have some issues on mobile devices. If you encounter these issues, please do reach out as it will help me get them fixed. If this continues to be a problem and I can't get enough information to fix it then I'll likely have to go back to the old system and delay updates to the calculators for a while longer.

Finally, I've just set up a new Discord Server! This gives people to chance to easily request features and discuss the future of the website with me. I always read any feedback I receive - so feel free to join the server and offer any thoughts!

Thanks again for all the support!

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