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New DPS Calculator (Beta)

Published: Dec 15, 2019

As of today, we've released the biggest calculator ever built on this website - our OSRS DPS Calculator! This calculator currently only supports PvP during this beta period, but PvM will be coming soon. This unique calculator allows you to fully customize your character and your opponent and then calculates both your DPS and your opponent's DPS.

This is by far the most complex tool we've ever built, so we'll be beta testing it for a while before considering it complete. Also, not all items are on the calculator at the moment - but we'll be continually adding more. Please reach out if you'd like something added or if you run into any issues with the calculator.

As always, thanks to everybody who supports the website and we hope you find the new calculator useful!

Update (1-19-2020)

The DPS calculator now supports PvM! Select from preset monsters or enter the stats of any monster you'd like!

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