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Having Issues Connecting To RuneScape

Published: Mar 12, 2017

I recently noticed that for about a week we've been having issues grabbing Hiscores data and also updating item prices. It appears that for some reason we're no longer able to connect to the RuneScape servers. This could be caused by two different issues, the first being a problem with our host and the second being a problem with the RuneScape website. I suspect with all the DDoS issues they've been having lately, it's possible that our server could be falsely flagged and blocked as a result. I've reached out to both our hosting provider and some members of the Jagex team to try and determine the cause of this issue.

Upon hearing back, I will do my best to remedy the issue and fix these features of the website. I appreciate the patience and hope to get this sorted out as soon as possible.


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